Dear Scouts,

For the Secondary 3 scouts, please take note that you will be attending a course to attain the Civil Defence Badge.

The details are as follows:

Date: 2 June 2017

Venue: SCDF HQ 3rd CD Division, Yishun Fire Station, 533 Yishun Industrial Park A #01-01 (768774)

Duration: 0900-1400

Attire: Full Scouts Uniform

Here is the list of scouts that will be attending the course:

Adib Al- Mukhlis B Ahmad Al -M

Bryce Tay Jhin Jun

Caleb Chan Jing-Rei

Christian Ang  Kai Xuan

Chua Ren Jie

Elliot Yap Li Yu

Evan Lee Kian Chuan

Ezekiel Lim Rae Ern

Francis Thoo Chun Keat

Gabriel Tan Yih-Shyan

Jaden Ong Heng Yi

James Ong Jun Wei

Kai Yan, Samuel Tan

Kevin Lim Jing Jie

Koh Zheng Yang Matthew

Lee Chuan Yew Evan

Liew Wei Jin

Murugesan Lokesh

Ng Jie Rong Timothy

Snodgrass Eliot Peter

Teah Yann Kye

Yeo Jing Chen Dexter

Yong Zhong Rui Marcus


Scouts are also required to attempt the online Tier 1 module prior to attending the class. Use this website address ( to access the programme and receive an e-certificate upon successful completion. Please print out your certificate after completing the module.

In addition, do take note that you are to reach the venue by 8.45 a.m. for registration. As lunch will not be provided, you are advised to have a heavy breakfast before the course.

Yours in scouting,




Dear Scouts,

Here are the details pertaining to this Saturday’s training.


Information on 22nd April 2017 (Saturday)

Duration: 0800-1300

Attire: PT Kit


Time Activity Venue IC
0800 Fall In Grass Patch outside LE 302 Marcus Yong
0800-1300 Pioneering Test (Sec 2s) Scout Store
1300 Fall Out Grass Patch outside LE 302


Only Secondary 2 scouts who failed their first pioneering test will need to be present at this training. Those who have passed the test need not be present.


Yours in scouting,



Dear Scouts,

Here are the details pertaining to this Friday’s training.

Information on 21st April 2016 (Friday)

Duration: 1500 -1800

Duty Patrol: Lion (flagpole required)

Attire: Full Scout Uniform With SJI Scarf (Bring along PT Kit)

Time Activity Venue IC
1500 General Fall In Grass Patch outside LE 302 James Ong
1515 – 1715 Store Cleaning Scout Den

Scout Store

Evan Lee CY

Russell Goh

1715 – 1730 General Fall Out Grass Patch outside LE 302 James Ong
1730 PLC – Only Sec 3 scouts LE 302 Xavier

If you have any queries, do approach your temporary Patrol ICs. Please also ensure that your uniform is in tip top condition.

Yours in scouting,


Temporary Positions

Dear Scouts,

Since our Secondary 4 scouts have stepped down, these Secondary 3 scouts will be the IC for their patrol.

Here is the list of ICs:

Black Bear – Chua Ren Jie
Blue Shark – Teoh Yann Kye
Lion – James Ong
Panther – Marcus Yong
Swordfish – Dexter Yeo
Leopard – Bryce Tay
Dolphin – Samuel Tan
Rhino – Evan Lee KC
Stingray – Ryan Hung
Flying Fish – Chi E
Seahorse – Koh Boon Kiat
Tiger – Christian Ang
Please be reminded that these positions are only temporary and will take effect starting from this Friday.
Yours in Scouting,


Dear Scouts,

The 165th Anniversary Parade is taking place this Friday. Do take note of the following details and report punctually.

Information on 7th April 2017 (Friday)

Duty Patrol: Blue shark (Flagpole not required)

Reporting Attire: Full Uniform with SJI Scarf


Time Activity Venue IC
1530 General Fall In Grass Patch outside

LE 302

Yann Kye
1600 – 1800 165th Anniversary Parade Respective Venues Marching Contingent and Reserves – Adrian
Field Marking – Dexter Yeo
Prize Giving – Evan Lee KC
Carpark Duty – Lokesh
Refreshments – Ren Jie
There will be no official fall – outs.   


1. There will not be a General Fall Out. Those who are not in the marching contingent are allowed to go home immediately after the parade. Evan Lee Chuan Yew and Ezekiel Lim will be the ICs for this group of people.

2.  The list of roles for the Anniversary Parade that you have volunteered for has also been compiled into this document. Please take note of your respective duties on that day. If you do not have a role for that day, you will still be required to stay for the whole duration of AP as a spectator.

AP Roles

3.  Those who are helping out on Founder’s Day, are to report at 0810 sharply at the steps leading to the Indoor Sports Hall on Friday morning. You are to be in full – uniform and SJI scarf.

Yours in scouting,



Investiture – Stepping Down Ceremony 2017

Dear Scouts,

First of all,  congratulations to the new scouts on your investiture yesterday.  I would like to welcome all of you into the scouting community and wish you all the best on the scouting journey that is awaiting you.

Yesterday, we had not only witnessed the investiture ceremony of our new scouts, but also the stepping – down ceremony of our Secondary 4 scouts. Secondary 4 scouts, I would like to express a very hearfelt thanks, on behalf of the enitre unit, for imparting your wisdom and scouting skills into us, for the countless sacrifices you have made, for turning ordinary Friday trainings into memorable ones and many more that you have done for us. Once again, thank you very much for being the best seniors we could have had. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours and will always keep you in our prayers. Attached below are the photos taken during the Investiture and Stepping- Down ceremony.

Yours in Scouting,