Dear Scouts,

There will be scouts training this Friday. Do remember to bring along all 4 of your donation draw tickets along with the monetary value associated. Every scout is expected to have sold at least 4 donation draw booklets.

Information on 29 July 2016 (Friday)

Duty Patrol: Blueshark (No flagpole required)

Duration: 1500-1800

Attire: PT Kit

Time Activity Venue IC
1500 General Fall In Grass Patch Ryan Loh
1520-1630 Component Training Respective Venues Respective level ICs
1630-1700 PT Field Ryan Loh
1715-1800 Briefing Classroom Ryan Loh
1800 General Fall Out Grass Patch Ryan Loh

All scouts who have yet to hand up their donation draw booklets are to pass them to your respective PLs who will then pass it to the secretaries for collation during training.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

Attached below is the link to your attendances for Term 2 which consists of everything from SLC/UTC Preparation until campfire. Do check your attendance and if you have any queries or spot an error please email or message me or Scott Ang.

Total Attendance:

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

This Friday marks the resumption of component training. Do note that scouts shortlisted for NPC are not required to go for Friday trainings. Do remember to bring your donation draw tickets and money. All PLs are to collect them and submit them to Mr Kwang.

Information 22 July (Friday)

Duty Patrol: Black Bear (No flagpole required)

Duration 1500-1800

Attire: PT Kit


Time Activity Venue IC
1500 General Fall In Grass Patch Joshua Goh
1530-1600 Patrol Corner Canteen Joshua Goh
1600-1700 Sec 1 & 2s – Component Training
Sec 3s – Store Cleaning
Respective Venues Component Training – Sec 1 & 2 ICs
Sec 3s – Quartermasters
1700-1800 PT Field Joshua Goh
1800 General Fall Out Grass Patch Joshua Goh

Do not forget to bring your donation draw tickets and money. Hope all of you come down, as the Secondary 1s will be having their first component training.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

There will be a unit bonding day this Saturday that is dragon boating. This event is not optional but compulsory. On Saturday please fall in 0715 at the venue itself. After the event there will be patrol lunch.

Fall In: 0715 (At venue itself)

Attire: Either this year’s or last year’s PLTC shirt and any shorts

Packing List: Change of clothes, water bottle.

Venue: Kallang Water Sports Centre 5 Stadium Road, Singapore 397774

Dismissal: 1100 (Latest).

Map of Kallang Water Sport Centre 270515

If you have any questions please ask your PL or me.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee



Dear Scouts,

Apologies once again for the very late update. There is quite a few things happening tomorrow so read the post carefuly. For the 22 scouts who had uniform issues, you are to fall in at 0720 at the grass patch in PE Kit, bring along your full scout uniform.

Information on 9th July (Saturday)

Duration: 0845-2330

Attire: PE Kit (Bring along full scout uniform and SJI Scarf)

Venue: Grass Patch

IC: Moses Tan

So remember to bring what you need including Full Scout Uniform with SJI Scarf.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee



Dear Scouts,

This Friday is a very important training and all scouts must be present as we will be setting up everything for the campfire as well as going through a rehearsal. All scouts are to bring along their Scout Uniform and SJI Scarf (no need for Scout pants) for inspection. Attached below is the agenda and schedule for this Friday’s training.

Information on 9th June (Friday)

Duration: 1545- 1900

Attire: PE Kit (Bring along Scout Shirt and SJI Scarf)

Venue: Grass Patch

Fall In time: 1445

IC: Joshua Goh



Do remember to bring along your SJI Scarf and Scout Uniform along for inspection, you can check the man power list with you PL for your job on the day of the campfire itself.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee




Dear Scouts,

Below is the list of Secondary 3 scouts who have volunteered to stay over this Friday, to finalize campfire preparation.

  1. Chen Han Wei
  2. Chin Joon Fai
  3. Nathanael Beh
  4. Samuel Chan
  5. Jehoshaphat Sutikno
  6. Sanskar Gupta
  7. Sia Zhong Qing

All of the aforementioned Scouts are required to get their parents to Whatsapp/Email Mr Andrew giving consent to their staying over, which is to be done latest by Thursday midnight. If Mr Andrew does not receive the consent from your parents, you will not be allowed to stay over.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

Sorry for the late notice again but there will be scouts doing gateway building tomorrow so if you wish to help out the unit get closer to finishing the gateway do go down and help out with the gateway.

Attire: PE Kit

Duration: 1520-1940

Venue: Grass Patch

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

The paragraph is information on the Istana duty on 6 July Wednesday written by the South Area Leader (Hospitality) Mr Jeremy Nonis.

Dear Fellow Scouts and Leaders

Thank you for volunteering your time to serve at the Istana on 6 July Wednesday 2016.

As you all should know by now we are doing the AM shift.

As mentioned during the briefing these are some points to remember:

0800hrs: Report/ fall in – Outside Starbucks Plaza Singapura for attendance and uniform check and final briefing

0810hrs: Scout Promise –  In front of Istana main gate

0830hrs: At duty point

1300hrs: End of Duty
debrief and group photo

Badge ceremony:
Daniel Goh – Marist phantoms (Scout)
Man Pui Suen – Seal (Rover)

I am attaching the roster to this email. OIC’s will use this as the attendance for your group. There may be some changes made to this one.

Please bring:
water bottle filled with water

positive attitude

Do not bring:
sharp objects… knives and or blades of any kind
Lightsabers and crossbows, flammable gas like lighters all be left at home.

Big bags (no place to store)
Clean and pressed/ ironed uniform
South area badge (your own area badge)
Beret/ headdress is a must
Comfortable full BLACK shoes

Please be on your best behaviour and best manners. Don’t forget all your “please” and “thank you”. Remember we are Chief Scout Ambassadors.

Service to others, Others before self & Safety first.

Have a good rest today and sleep early.

You will be standing throughout your duty.
Have breakfast and drink plenty of water before you start duty.
Some information may have changed from what I shared with you at the briefing so please take note of the information on the website given below.

You can get all the information for 6 June duty at the links bellow:

Yours In Scouting,
Darren Wee