Dear Scouts,

The following scouts do take note as you will be required to help out at the NPC open house

  1. Russell Michael Goh
  2. Evan Lee Kian Chuan
  3. Nge Chi-E
  4. Samuel Tan
  5. Suhael
  6. Christian Ang
  7. Evan Lee Chuan Yew
  8. James Ong

Appended herewith are the instructions for the scouts helping out at the NPC open house this Sunday ( 27th November).

  1. Report by 11am at the amphitheater at SJI (Bishan)
  2. You are to have your lunch BEFORE reporting in the morning.
  3. There is no required attire, however it would be preferred if you wear jeans and shoes
  4. The dismissal time will be at SJI (Bishan), latest by 3.30pm

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

This Friday will be the last official scout training of the year and as such I hope everyone will be present for it. Remember to bring your your progress booklet/card if you still have not. Secondary 3s involved in PLC are required to stay back after training for PLC.

Information for 4th November 2016 (Friday)

Duration: 1345-1500

Duty Patrol: Flying Fish (Flagpole Required)

Attire: Full Scout Uniform (SJI Scarf)

Time Activity Venue IC
1345 General Fall In Grass Patch Ryan Pary
1350-1445 Badge Ceremony Grass Patch Ryan Pary
1450 Fall Out Grass Patch Ryan Pary
1500 PLC Classroom Ryan Pary