Dear Scouts,

Below are the instructions for the one million+ good deed campaign.

One million+ Good Deed Campaign 2016   

Pledge Card


–          Each member will be given a pledge card where they will pledge to do one good deed a day.

–          Youth members will need to do their pledge and be witnessed by their parents/guardian

–          Youth members will need to hand over their cards to their Leader for safekeeping   As part of the learning, Leaders are to distribute the pledge cards back to the youth members on a regular basis at unit meetings for them to record their significant good deeds (given out during fall in and collected back at fall out).

–          there are 10 slots on the pledge card where they can record their experiences.

–          At the end of the year, Leaders are to organize a session where all youth members get a chance to share their experience with the rest of the unit.



Pledge Banner


–          Each member will be given a pledge banner.

–          After pledging, youth members should take a photo with the pledge banner and submit it to their Leader via email.

–          Leaders are to consolidate all the photos and send them via email to


Pledge Invite Cards


–          Each member will be given 5 pledge invite cards (Pelandok scouts took only 1 so there will be more next meeting to be given to you).

–          They are to hand out the invite cards to their family members first and then to their friends/classmates/teachers to invite them to pledge to do one good deed a day.

–          After securing their pledges, they are to invite them to take a photo with the pledge banner.

–          Submission of photos are as per the instructions above.


Badge & Collar Pin


–          A badge will be awarded to each participating member. The badge can be worn on the uniform (above the name tag) for the whole of 2016.

–          A collar pin will be awarded to each participating member. The collar pin is provided to take the message of the campaign beyond the scouting community. Members are encouraged to wear the collar pin on their school uniform etc. to show that they are participating in the One Million+ Good Deeds in 2016 campaign.


Social Media


–          We would like to encourage all members to upload their photo with the pledge banner and of scouts doing their good deeds onto their social media account and using the campaign hashtag #onegooddeedaday2016

–          Please ensure that decent photos and permission is sought prior to the posting of such suitable material(s) onto your social media account.

That is all.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

On the 1st of May, some of you will be going for duty at the Istana. Do remember the following things:

  1. Attire to be full scout uniform with the national scarf, this includes wearing beret as well as having the one million good deeds badge sewed on beside the Unit badge.
  2. Reporting time will be 7am at Plaza Singapura Macdonalds.

Those that are going for duty on the day

  1. Sanskar (IC)
  2. Jehoshaphat
  3. Zhong Qing
  4. Evan Lee kc
  5. Samuel Tan
  6. Xavier
  7. Sanfo
  8. Ethan
  9. Julian

If you have any questions, please direct them to Sanskar.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

Tomorrow is the RI campfire, and I would like to apologize for the late notice, but I do hope that the attendance is 100%. Your IC for tomorrow is Zhong Qing, who will be taking attendance. Please pass the attached consent form signed to Zhong Qing on the day itself.

Consent form for RI: scan0001

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


Dear Scouts,

This Friday will be the last day of training till MYEs are over. Do take note of the details.

Information on 15th April (Friday)

(No flagpole required)

Duration: 1445-1815

Attire: PT Kit

Time Activity Venue IC
1445 General Fall-In – All Scouts Grass Patch Moses Tan
1500-1530 Patrol Corner Canteen Interim PLs, Zhong Qing & Nicoli
1540-1700 Dance Practice – Sec 1 & 3
Advance hike planning – Sec 2
Respective Venues Sec 1 & 3 – Zhong Qing

Sec2 – Moses & Ryan Pary

1700-1800 PT (Soccer) Field Moses Tan
1815 General Fall-out Grass Patch Moses Tan

Since this is last training in a while please do go for training punctually and I hope to see you there!

Yours in Scouting,

Darren Wee

Temporary Positions

Dear Scouts,

Hey guys following the stepping-down of the secondary 4s. Each patrol will have a temporary interim PL’s. As of now there will be no interim SPLs and QMs only interim sec 1 and sec 2 ICs and interim PL’s. There will be two temporary leaders per patrol with the exception of Lion patrol.

The interim PLs by patrol are:

Black Bear: Joon Fai, Scott Ang

Blue Shark: Jon Lee, Ryan Loh

Lion: Neo Min Wei

Panther: Dominic Lim, Samuel Chan

Swordfish: Andrew Chua, Ashley Wong

Leopard: Adrian Guzman, Joel Poh

Dolphin: Justin Chak, Zhong Qing

Rhino: Joshua Goh. Ernest Chow

Stingray: Louis Teo, Aurik Salim

Flying Fish: Aaron J, Ryan Pary

Seahorse: Christopher Jonathan, Nicoli Negapatan

Tiger: Kay Gene, Matthew Chang

Sec 1 interim ICs: Moses Tan V, Matthew Chang

Sec 2 interim ICs: Adrian Guzman, Ryan Pary

Do remember these positions are temporary and will take effect starting from this Friday. 

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

Total Attendance as of 8th April 2016

Dear Scouts,

Hi everyone! You can check your total attendance all the way up till Annual Parade. I am happy to say that 99%of you guys have passed 50% in attendance. If you do detect any discrepancies or have any queries, please contact Darren Wee if you are sec 1 or sec 3 and contact Scott Ang if you are sec 2 or sec 4. Thank you very much!

Link to view spreadsheet.

For courses, 0 means that there was no course you were supposed to attend, 1 is if you had a course and attended and -1 if if you had a course but did not attend.

Yours in Scouting,


SJI 164th Annual Parade

Dear Scouts,

Yesterday was SJI’s 164th annual parade, and I am glad to say it was the best in years. So I would like to say thank you to every single scout who attended the parade, whether it be at the exhibition, the marching contingent or just spectating. Every single one of you played a vital role in ensuring it to be a success.

We also witnessed the stepping-down of our TL Wayne Ang, and the stepping-up of our new TL Nathanael Beh. I would like to thank Wayne for not only being a very good leader and ensuring that the unit is constantly improving itself and for also being a very nice and friendly senior. As for our new TL, we hope that he will uphold the long legacy of the SJI Pelandok Scout Group. Attached below are pictures from yesterday’s parade.



Dear Scouts,


This Friday is SJI’s 164th annual parade and due to the different roles each of us have, the reporting times differ so do take time to read the schedule. Please report in Full Scout Uniform with SJI Scarf


Do take note of the following details and please report for training punctually.


Information on 8th April 2016 (Friday)


Duty Patrol: Dolphin (flagpole not required)



1530-2100 ( AP Marching Contingent, Prize Presenters & Flag Raisers)

1600-2100 (ALL other Scouts)



Full Scout Uniform With SJI Scarf


Time Activity Venue IC
1530 General Fall-In – AP Marching Contingent, Prize Presenters & Flag Raisers Grass Patch Justin Chin
1600 Fall in – All Scouts Field & Grasspatch Nathanael Beh
1630 AP Preperation – Emcees, Field Markers & Crowd Control Respective Posts Respective Post ICs
1700-2100 AP Field Nathanael Beh
2100 General Fall-out Grass Patch Nathanael Beh


Do note that this Friday’s annual parade will have differing reporting times, so do once again look at the schedule and remember what time to report.


This Friday will be very exciting, so I hope to see you all present!


Yours in scouting,