Dear Scouts,

For the Secondary 3 scouts, please take note that you will be attending a course to attain the Civil Defence Badge.

The details are as follows:

Date: 2 June 2017

Venue: SCDF HQ 3rd CD Division, Yishun Fire Station, 533 Yishun Industrial Park A #01-01 (768774)

Duration: 0900-1400

Attire: Full Scouts Uniform

Here is the list of scouts that will be attending the course:

Adib Al- Mukhlis B Ahmad Al -M

Bryce Tay Jhin Jun

Caleb Chan Jing-Rei

Christian Ang  Kai Xuan

Chua Ren Jie

Elliot Yap Li Yu

Evan Lee Kian Chuan

Ezekiel Lim Rae Ern

Francis Thoo Chun Keat

Gabriel Tan Yih-Shyan

Jaden Ong Heng Yi

James Ong Jun Wei

Kai Yan, Samuel Tan

Kevin Lim Jing Jie

Koh Zheng Yang Matthew

Lee Chuan Yew Evan

Liew Wei Jin

Murugesan Lokesh

Ng Jie Rong Timothy

Snodgrass Eliot Peter

Teah Yann Kye

Yeo Jing Chen Dexter

Yong Zhong Rui Marcus


Scouts are also required to attempt the online Tier 1 module prior to attending the class. Use this website address ( to access the programme and receive an e-certificate upon successful completion. Please print out your certificate after completing the module.

In addition, do take note that you are to reach the venue by 8.45 a.m. for registration. As lunch will not be provided, you are advised to have a heavy breakfast before the course.

Yours in scouting,



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