Dear Scouts,

Since this Saturday is the stepping-down of the Sec 4s as well as the investiture for the new scouts, the reporting times differ so do take the time to read the schedule.

Do take note of the following details and please report punctually.


Information on 1st April 2017 (Saturday)


1300 – 1830 (For all new scouts)

1430 – 1830 (For all except new scouts)

Duty Patrol: Tiger (Flagpole not required)

Reporting Attire: Half Uniform (New Scouts) and Full Uniform (For the rest)

Time Activity Venue IC
1300 Fall In for New Scouts Grass Patch outside

LE 302

Gabriel Tan
1300 – 1430 Rehearsal for Investiture Ceremony Lecture Theatre 1 Gabriel Tan
1430 General Fall In

(For the rest)

Grass Patch outside

LE 302

Han Wei
1430 – 1830 1. Investiture        Ceremony
2. Stepping – Down Ceremony
3. Dinner
1.Lecture Theatre 1
2. Oval area(with the Signum Fidei Sign)
3. Canteen
Nathanael Beh
1830 -1845 General Fall Out Oval Area

(with the Signum Fidei Sign)

Han Wei



Those who are helping out at the open house booth, are to report at 7.30 a.m. in full uniform. After open house, they are to join the rest of the unit at general fall in at 2.30 p.m.

Patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders are to report at 1330 too to be prepared for the investiture.

Please take note that the news scouts are to bring along their scouts uniform shirt, scarf, woggle along when you report. Please make sure that your uniform should be in good condition with all the badges sewn on correctly. Remember to stay hydrated. Thank you.


Yours in scouting,




Dear Scouts,

Attached below is the training details pertaining to this week.

Information on 24 March 2017 (Friday)

Duration:  1445 – 1800

Duty Patrol: Rhino (flagpole not required)

Attire: PT Kit

Time Activity Venue IC
1445 General Fall In Grass Patch outside LE 302 Moses Tan
1500-1800 Sec 1s – World Scout Badge Lessons
Sec 3s – Planning for First Class Pioneering
Respective Venues Adrian Guzman (AP)
Gabriel Tan        (Level Training)
1800 General Fall Out Grass Patch outside LE 302 Moses Tan

Do take note that Sec 2s who are going for the Advanced hike this Saturday, do not have to be present at this Friday’s training.

Reminder: Please remember to bring your jobweek cards tomorrow and cooperate with your patrol leaders in the collection of the jobweek cards tomorrow.

If you have any queries, do approach your PLs.

Yours in scouting,