Before 2010, scouting in St. Joseph’s Institution (SJI) was thought to be founded in 1922. However, documents were discovered at the Scouts Headquarters at Giwell and it proved that the scouting in SJI was actually founded in the year 1911, making us the oldest surviving scout unit in Singapore. In August 1911, a request was sent to Scout Headquarters at Gilwell by the Scout Association in Singapore for a Scout Warrant for Brother Gordian Mary from St. Joseph’s Institution. Prior to receiving the warrant, Brother Gordian was actively involved in leading a group of 25 Scouts from SJI. Brother Gordian is now known as the ‘brother who pioneered Scouting’ in SJI. Even though Brother Gordian, and these 25 scouts are now long gone, their legacy and spirit still lives on in SJI. Through the years scouting in St. Joseph’s Institution, we have grown from strength to strength.

During World War II the unit was no longer functioning. However, the unit was brought back to its days of former glory by the hand of Mr. James Tseng, who was then a teacher in SJI. His scout name was none other than Pelandok. The troop was now called the Stamford 04 Pelandok Scout Group. The word “Pelandok” originates from the animal “Mousedeer” in Malay and it symbolises how all the scouts in the unit are careful, alert and quick-witted.

The popularity of scouting in SJI was risen dramatically and in order to cope with the intake of scouts, due to the overwhelming numbers of students wanting to join the troop, the troop was then split up into two different groups – the Stamford 04 Pelandok Scout Group and the Stamford 03 Hippo Scout Group. This new group was led and formed by Brother Joseph Kiely. To date, the Stamford 03 Hippo Scout Group is now shifted to St Joseph’s Institution International (SJII).

In the year 2011, SJI Pelandok Scouts celebrated its 100 years of scouting anniversary. Today, the SJI Pelandok Scout Group consists of three main sections – The SJI Pelandok Scout Unit(ages 13 – 16), The SJI Pelandok Venture Unit (ages 17 to 20) and the SJI Pelandok Rover Unit (ages 21 above). The SJI Pelandok Scout Group has come a long way and has a rich history of over a hundred years. It is up to the current batch of SJI Pelandok Scouts to continue passing down the rich legacy of scouting.


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