Information on training, 1 & 2 August 2014(Friday and Saturday)

Attire: PE

Duty Patrol: Rhino Patrol (No need to set up flagpole)

Hey scouts,

As you all know, this friday, is, the much awaited combined! We will be falling in at 3pm sharp at the grass patch so that we can head over to CHIJ Toa Payoh together as a unit! 🙂 Just a reminder for the combiend activty: Always remember that you are fine young gentlemen representing SJI and the Scout Unit, and in no way or another, should you disrespect the guides, or make them feel uncomfortable. Take this opportunity to know them better, and a chance for you to practise your interaction skills with females.
–> Click here to view your groupings for the combined <–

[EDIT] I do know that some of you did not receive your groupings, your will be assigned to your groups tomorrow,  apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Agenda for 1 August 2014(Friday):

Time: Activity: IC:
1500 General Fall-in Ali
1530 Heading over to CHIJ Toa Payoh Kai Ming
1600 Arrival at CHIJ Toa Payoh + Settling of groupings, Introductions, Icebreakers Kai Ming, Gokul, Celeste, Yu An
1630 Games Respective Combined Patrol Leaders + Respective Station ICs
1700 Games
1730 Games
1800 Games
1830 Dismissal from CHIJ Toa Payoh

Agenda for 2 August 2014(Saturday):


Time: Activity: IC:
0800 General Fall-in at SJI Ali
0830 Arrival of Guides + Group leader’s briefing on Scavenger Hunt Respective Combined Patrol Leaders. 
0900 Groups to leave for Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

1230 Lunch
1300 Lunch
1330 Scavenger Hunt 
1700 Return from Scavenger Hunt at SJI
1730 Tabulation of scores & Prize Presentation to winning groups + group photos
1800 Dismissal from SJI Ali, Kai Ming, Gokul


IJSJ Combined

Hey Scouts,

Please print the attached consent form for the IJSJ combined and submit it to your PLs by tomorrow. Do note that those without a consent form will not be able to participate in the combined this Friday and Saturday.

Yours in Scouting,

Mark Wee

IJSJ combined consent form


Information on Sub Unit 1&2 training, 26 July 2014(Saturday)

Attire: PE

Training duration: 0830hrs – 1230hrs 

Hey Sub units 1 and 2,

This will be our first Saturday training as a Sub Units! As such, the 6 PLs of Sub Unit 1 and 2 have decided to keep the training program for tomorrow a secret, so find out for yourselves tomorrow!

Please be punctual! 🙂

Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming


Information on Training, 25July 2014(Friday)

Attire: Scouts Uniform (From now onwards, we will be using the SJI scarf instead of the national scarf) + PE(for activities)

Duty Patrol: Panther


Hey scouts,

For this Friday’s meeting, we will be launching the new program for future trainings! Please be punctual for training so that everything will follow the schedule. Also, please remember to bring the donation draw booklets to return to Miss Ong this Friday. If you forget to bring your donation draw booklets, it will be considered as you buying the entire booklet.


Time: Activity: IC:
1500 General Fall-In Gabriel Yong
1530 Patrol’s training Respective patrol’s PLs.
1600 Patrol’s training
1630 Patrol’s training
1700 PT Adrea, Wei Zhi
1730 PT
1800 PT
1830 General Fall-Out Gabriel Yong



Here are the patrol trainings that each patrol will be doing:

Sub unit 1:
Black Bear: Backwoodsman

Blueshark: Flagpole building

Lion: Fire lighting


Sub unit 2:

Leopard: First Aid + Foot drills

Panther: Knots

Swordfish: Knots


Sub unit 3:

Dolphin: First Aid

Rhino: Foot drills + First Aid

Stingray: First Aid


Sub unit 4:

Seahorse: Gadget building

Flying Fish: Lesson on how to collect quality kindling

Tiger: Knots + Basic gadget building


Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming


Hey sea patrols,

Attire: PE

Take note that there will be Sea Training tomorrow from 0830 – 1230. Please be punctual as this would be the last saturday training your will be spending together as sea patrols. In future, your will have saturday trainings in your respective sub units.

Time: Activity: IC:
0830 Sea Fall-in Any secondary three
0900 Foot drills Andrew Siow
0930 Foot drills
1000 Collection of kindling for fire lighting Respective PLs
1030 Lesson on fire lighting
1100 Fire lighting
1130 Fire lighting
1200 Fire lighting
1230 Sea Fall-out
1300 PLC (Secondary Three PLs only) Chew Kai Ming
1330 PLC (Secondary Three PLs only)
1400 PLC (Secondary Three PLs only)
1430 PLC (Secondary Three PLs only)


Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming





Information on Training, 17 July 2014 (Friday)

Information on Training, 17 July 2014(Friday)

Attire: PE attire

Duty Patrol: Lion


Hey scouts,

This Friday’s training will be games day! It will be a good opportunity for you to bond with your new PLs! Please be punctual for fall-in so that your will have more time to play games with your patrol. Also remember to bring your donation draw booklets, as Miss Ong will be collecting them tomorrow.


Time: Activity: IC:
1500 General Fall-in Guoxuan
1530 Patrol-in-council Respective PLs
1600 Patrol-in-council Respective PLs
1630 Games Sock thief IC – Justin NgCapture the flag IC – Michael LimSoccer IC – Dylan Manuel

Frisbee IC – Cai Zijie

1700 Games
1730 Games
1800 Games
1830 General Fall-out Guoxuan


For games, your will be moving from station to station in your sub-units. Here are the following stations:
Station 1 – Sock thief (Basketball court)

Station 2 – Capture the flag (Field)

Station 3 – Soccer (Basketball court/street soccer court)

Station 4 – Frisbee (Field)


Movement of sub units (30min per station):
Sub unit 1: Stations 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4

Sub unit 2: Stations 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 1

Sub unit 3: Stations 3 -> 4 -> 1 -> 2

Sub unit 4: Stations 4 -> 1 -> 2 -> 3


Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming