Information on Training, 25July 2014(Friday)

Attire: Scouts Uniform (From now onwards, we will be using the SJI scarf instead of the national scarf) + PE(for activities)

Duty Patrol: Panther


Hey scouts,

For this Friday’s meeting, we will be launching the new program for future trainings! Please be punctual for training so that everything will follow the schedule. Also, please remember to bring the donation draw booklets to return to Miss Ong this Friday. If you forget to bring your donation draw booklets, it will be considered as you buying the entire booklet.


Time: Activity: IC:
1500 General Fall-In Gabriel Yong
1530 Patrol’s training Respective patrol’s PLs.
1600 Patrol’s training
1630 Patrol’s training
1700 PT Adrea, Wei Zhi
1730 PT
1800 PT
1830 General Fall-Out Gabriel Yong



Here are the patrol trainings that each patrol will be doing:

Sub unit 1:
Black Bear: Backwoodsman

Blueshark: Flagpole building

Lion: Fire lighting


Sub unit 2:

Leopard: First Aid + Foot drills

Panther: Knots

Swordfish: Knots


Sub unit 3:

Dolphin: First Aid

Rhino: Foot drills + First Aid

Stingray: First Aid


Sub unit 4:

Seahorse: Gadget building

Flying Fish: Lesson on how to collect quality kindling

Tiger: Knots + Basic gadget building


Yours in scouting,

Kai Ming

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