Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Leopard patrol on their Project Scubilion 2019:

From July to August 2019, we visited SJIJ scout group to assist the facilitators in teaching and mentoring the cub scouts. In the course of the many unusual experiences we have had there, we believe that we have learnt many useful lessons.
The first task was marching. As the cub scouts were very young and playful, we expected that we would have much difficulty teaching them. However, to our surprise, they carefully listened to our instructions, and were able to understand quickly the technique of marching. We were very glad that we were able to teach young children how to march, without assistance from the adults.
The second task was the badge attainment schemes. Here, we worked together with the scout facilitators to go through the activities required to attain a scout badge, such as knots. Though the activity itself went smoothly, there was a conflict among a few cub scouts for being teased and excluded. As we had to rely on the adult facilitators to solve the problem, we felt that much could be improved on the issue of conflict resolution.
The third task was campfire songs. We were glad that the cub scouts were listening to us most of the time and were singing loudly in unison. However, we had to skip part of the songs as we were either not really sure about the song, or the lyrics were different from what we usually sing. We believe that it would be better to prepare the songs in advance and practise singing beforehand.
As for the fourth task, we tried to think of a game with simple rules and does not cause any conflict among the cub scouts. Unfortunately, the game that we thought of, dodgeball, turned out to be a disaster because the cub scouts ended up simply throwing balls at each another. As it was difficult to act as referees due to the sheer numbers of cub scouts (not to mention that one of our patrol members actually joined in the game), we felt that other simpler games would have been better. However, we also felt that simple games such as soccer and handball will cause conflict as some cub scouts may hog onto the ball.
Overall, we had a great time working with the cub scouts and their facilitators. As for the points that we can improve on, we believe that preparing more in advance will prevent or minimise the problems that we observed, as we have more time to have better discussions with one another and with the facilitators about the activities that we are planning to do.

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