Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Tiger patrol on their Project Scubilion 2019:

For 2019, Tiger Patrol decided to go back to our roots helping what we were once before, Primary Schoolers. This year, we went to Anglo Chinese Junior Cub Scouts for our Scubillon.

As we first entered the school vicinity, we were greeted with loud shouting, furious screaming and of course, intense playing. As we waited for the cub scouts to fall in, we met the wonderful teacher who had allowed us to indulge in all this, Ms Ho. She truly was a kind hearted teacher allowing us to engage her cub scouts amongst the demanding NDP rehearsals they were having. When we first met the cub scouts, all of the patrol was reluctant to talk to them. As we continued to converse with the lot, we could see past this and realise how kind and fun they were.

During our patronage over to ACSJ, we taught them various basic scout skills such as, survival knots and their purpose, basic first aid, and basic foot drills. On our first week there, we gave a brief introduction and proceeded to teach some knots to them. Since they are all well taught scouts, they could easily apply this contextual knowledge to what they already new and produced some results that no one anticipated, that is understanding the knot in less than 3 attempts.

On our second week there, we planned to do marching but we were pleasantly surprised as we met the brother duo of ACSJ’s ex-Troop Leaders, the Sidhu Brothers. They had both been down that day to teach the boys some marching and as such, we worked together and came together making a very productive and fruitful training with new friendships arising.

For our last week, we decided to do first aid. We taught them about standard protocols of first aid and how to administer it. Most of them had prior knowledge about first aid due to the multitude of youtube videos on the topic and were very proficient. With this being our last training with them we decided to settle with a group photo after which we were greeted with a big ‘Thank You!” from everyone there.

Overall, this year’s scubillion was outstanding and an overall success and we do hope that our teachings and attitude will be with the boys forever. It was truly a learning point for both parties and a fruitful one at that.

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