Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Panther patrol on their Project Scubilion 2019:

Over the course of 3 weeks, our patrol, Panther, regularly visited St Luke’s Eldercare at Clementi. We interacted with the old folks there and conversed with them, while occasionally helping to escort them around the centre. After the elderly left the centre for their homes, we stayed behind to assist in cleaning up the centre.

We faced quite a number of challenges while working with the elderly. St Luke’s Eldercare is a centre that mostly hosts dementia patients. Conversations with the elders were often repeated. In addition, there was a language barrier between us and most of the elders. Many of them spoke dialects of Chinese which we could not understand. Despite all of these problems, we tried our best to act as friends elders and trade stories with each of them.

At the end of the day, it was extremely heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces and the gratefulness they displayed. The elders would always wave at us before leaving the centre. We certainly hope that we were able to give that moment of happiness and companionship to the elders. It was a changed ge to interact with a huge part of society that is often overlooked. The experience was fruitful and eye-opening, and definitely one we won’t forget in the years to come.

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