Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Blue Shark patrol on their Project Scubilion 2019:

For Project Scubillion this year, Blueshark patrol went to MapleBear Toa Payoh. We taught kindergarten children the history of scouting and some simple knots such as the marlinspike, figure of 8 knot and the clove hitch. The children were engaged in interesting pictures and questions, and hands on activities such as knot tying and building a ladder which they climbed. Although this was the first time the Year 1s went for scubillion, they were really enthusiastic and were interacting with the children within a short time. Teaching them was challenging as they were fidgety and noisy and could not focus for more than a minute. We overcame this problem by asking them questions and teaching them in a way that they would stay focused. When we taught them knots, they were not focusing and could not understand the steps. We helped them by splitting them into smaller groups and guided them individually. We were proud that at the end of each session, the children were able to tie a ladder on their own and enjoyed climbing them. In conclusion, this scubillion was successful despite some hiccups along the way. We are happy that the patrol grew from this experience as we learnt values such as patience and perseverance.

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