Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Seahorse patrol on their Project Scubilion 2019:

This year, Seahorse Patrol went to Ren Ci Community Hospital (Novena Branch) for Project Scubilion. Although this was our first time going to the Novena Branch, most of the patrol members had already gone to the Ang Mo Kio Branch last year.

  When we got there, we were first greeted by a lady who was in charge of managing the volunteers coming to Ren Ci. We were told about safety and hygiene regulations, and also on how to engage the seniors. We were also told that we had to sanitise our hands before entering and exiting the ward. As for the handling of seniors, we were to call the nurses for assistance to shift them, and that we should not approach seniors with contact precautions. 

After putting down our bags, we proceeded to carry out the day’s planned activity: Origami. We were supposed to teach the seniors how to fold various shapes such as a heart. We split into three groups, one going to the male side of the ward, and the others the female. We originally encountered some problems, as some of the seniors did not want to do the activities or were busy. We arrived just after lunch, and some of the seniors wanted to rest. After a while, we managed to find an old lady who was interested.

Nathan said: “As I taught this elderly lady origami, I started up a conversation with her. We talked about her favourite food and why she was here. She explained to me that she felt very lonely sometimes. It made me realise that the volunteers coming to the hospital were actually playing quite an important part as we made the seniors feel happy by reaching out to them. Most of the old folks there do have any family members, and thus they had no visitors. After a while, she requested that I teach her how to fold a frog. Although I did not know how to do so, I agreed, and searched on how to fold an origami frog. She was very happy when she was done, and I even folded another so that we could play it together!”

The first session ended with the patrol giving out origami, such as shurikens, paper frogs, paper hearts and cranes to the elderly. They were also very heartened by our well wishes written at the back of the origami paper.

During our second session, we taught the elderly how to paint. We had printed out templates and brought water colour along. However, we faced the same problems as the previous session. Although some did not want to paint, they did like the templates and we allowed them to keep one or two. Surprisingly, most of the seniors could paint better than us, and their standards were superb!

Overall this year’s Project Scubilion for Seahorse Patrol was a success. It taught us many values like kindness and compassion.

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