Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Flying Fish patrol on their Project Scubilion 2019:

“During this Scubilion, we went to Townsville Primary School. Since it was the first time the Year 1s have ever gone on something like Project Scubilion, they did not know what to expect. The rest of us also did not know what to expect as it was our first time to teach a language subject to these students. We were quite skeptical if our lesson plan would work as we didn’t know if they understand.
When we were there for the first time teaching them Chinese oral, they did not know how to correctly pronounce different words and had a hard time conveying what they wanted to say to us. However, they were very friendly and wanted to learn from us.
After the 3 sessions we had with them, we could see them improving as they were able to speak much better. Through this activity, we realized how fortunate we were in SJI where we had the resources but we do not know how to cherish. We learnt how to communicate with them and learnt how to teach people who were poor in a subject and this would allow us to become much more confident in speaking to an audience. It allows us to become more outspoken in school presentations and definitely in the public.”

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