Dear scouts,

Please take note of the following duties that you have been assigned to on 18 January Friday. Only those who’s names are below are required to be down on 18 January.

Year 2
Ian Tan MN203 Chaperone
Dean Tan ML201 Chaperone
Jeremiah Tan LE202 Chaperone
Aidan Chong FN201 Chaperone
Isaac Yap Guan Teng
MN201 Chaperone
Koh Yi Sen Evan ML203 Chaperone
Kyran Marc Tan Kai
MN202 Chaperone
Harris Bin Mohd Zailani
LE201 Chaperone
Caelan Kang ML203 Booth helper
Joshua Low FN201 Booth helper
Aidan Lui ML203 Booth helper


Year 3
Zldyn Tan ML303 Booth helper
Zachary Teo ML302 Booth helper
Keng Huo ML303 Booth helper
Ian Lee FN303 Booth helper
Joshua Loh MN301 Booth helper


Year 4
Anthony Choong LE403 Booth helper
Khoo Kee Suen LE402 Booth helper
K Preneel FN401 Booth helper
Lee Rui Kai LE402 Booth helper
Marcus Lim ML401 Booth helper
Ethan Young MN401 Booth helper
Dylan J Wong LE402 Booth helper
Julian Teng MN403 Booth helper

If you have any queries, please approach you respective PLs.
Yours in scouting,


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