Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Flying Fish Patrol on their Project Scubilion 2018:

“Scubilion is a place where we spend our time giving back to the society. No matter how high we get in our lives we should always realise that we should never forget about how much the community has done to us. Hence, we used this platform to give back to the community.

Over the past few weeks, Flying Fish patrol has been taking time after school to visit

Townsville Primary School in Ang Mo Kio to tutor less privileged students and help them

with their school work. Many of us hail from decently well-to- do families, where we are able to afford tuition. However, it is certainly not the case for many others in society. We are honoured to have been given the chance to aid the pupils with their studies, which also brought back fond memories of our own primary school days. We have definitely learnt to be better seniors, better teachers, but more importantly, better listeners.

Through helping these students, we have learnt that patience is crucial when finding out what others know and don’t know so that we know where to start and what to teach.The skill of listening attentively to others that some of us have honed through these sessions can certainly take us far in our lives. It similarly brings us joy and a strong sense of satisfaction to know that we have been able to help them in their studies, and made an impact in their primary school lives. We are happy too, to see them improving and nurturing their academic abilities over the sessions, remembering the things that we taught from past sessions and applying them over the next few.”

Yours in scouting,


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