Below are the images and reflection done by Panther Patrol on their Project Scubilion 2018:

“For this years scubilion we went to a kindergarten in the upper Thomson road area to tech K2 kids as the theme was teaching and preaching and. We all enjoyed ourselves very much interacting with the children and teaching them about things. They were all very entertaining and enthusiastic. For all of us, it was also a very meaningful experience as we got to serve the children and we also had many good experiences and good memories from there. Overall it was an amazing experience being able to teach this wonderful, gifted, special, amazing, smart, talented, enthusiastic, funny, joyful, and accepting K2 children.

We all feel that we have learned more from the little kids that what they learned from us. We learned many important values such as patience in teaching the excited and noisy little kids and also learned the value of perseverance as preparing lessons that the children were able to understand was extremely tough and one of the major challenges.”





Yours in scouting,


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