“For this year’s Project Scubilion, which is about teaching and preaching, Dolphin Patrol combined with Swordfish Patrol and we went to Morning Star Student Care @ SJI Junior to for 3 Monday afternoons to conduct lessons on simple knots and folding paper planes with them. We split ourselves into multiple groups to accommodate for the different levels in the Student Care, namely the P1s, P2s and P3s to P6s. After that, we proceeded to conduct some icebreakers to introduce ourselves to the primary schoolers so that they would be more comfortable around us and not be nervous or scared.

When we conducted lessons with the primary schoolers, despite some of them being cooperative, we definitely still had to face many different challenges, such as some of the primary schoolers talking among themselves and not listening to us. It was tiring, however, we were able to overcome this challenge by being patient while teaching and was able to be able to successfully conduct the lessons. We also innovated new ideas for games to make the lessons more interesting, ensuring the primary schoolers enjoy themselves.

After the lessons, we allowed the primary schoolers to go play games such as dodgeball and football. They were very keen on playing them. Some of us even joined them in playing. We all had a very enjoyable time.

Overall, we all had a very fun and fruitful time. We all learnt how to be patient when teaching the primary schoolers and to deal with the obstacles during the lessons. We hope that the primary  schoolers also had a fun time and learnt a lot during our sessions there.”



Yours in scouting,


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