Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Swordfish Patrol on their Project Scubilion 2018:

“Over the course of three days which we spent on Project Scubilion, we offered our services to an after-school care, Morningstar, to help to take care of as well as teach the Primary school children new things which we learnt not just through Scouts but school as well. Throughout those three days, we experienced what it was like to take care of others and not only the students there but also other Scouts who were there as well from Dolphin and Swordfish alike. Granted, on the first day, we felt awkward as some of the children did not want to cooperate, however as time passed, we began to get used to our roles as  temporary after-school caretakers.


           We had found this journey very interesting as it is not everyday you can get to be a teacher at a day care centre. During this experience, we had also learnt some important values, such as respect, care and teamwork. As a team, we had to work together to give our undivided care and effort to help the after-school care manage the children. Some of the children tended to be annoying or difficult but we respected them for who they are and tried our best to conduct our lessons which were to teach knots and do knot games, fold paper airplanes with a competition and various games.


           Albeit the children have grown rather fond of us and us them. From this experience, Swordfish patrol has learnt to utilize these values not only in scouting but also outside of scouting. We will also continue to utilize these precious values not only until the end of our scouting journey but beyond.”

Yours in scouting,



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