Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Tiger Patrol on their Project Scubilion 2018:

“On the 20th of July and 3rd of August, both Fridays, Tiger and Rhino patrols went to ACS(J) Primary School to initiate our Scubillion which was about Teaching and Preaching. After splitting the cub scouts into two groups for each patrol to take, we proceeded into introducing one another through some icebreakers.

Although some cub scouts cooperated well and successfully finish the mini-games, there were a handful that enjoyed screaming and running around the classroom. It was somewhat tiring to get them to settle down in order to carry out the next segment of our lesson. Fortunately, we succeeded in doing so.

We then taught them about the History of Scouting and what values a Scout should have, while also testing them on the Scout Law and the Promise. Through this lesson, we also had to improvise as the time we planned to teach the cub scouts was shorter than we actually took. Hence we decided to show them videos on previous National Day Parades as some of the cub scouts were actually marching for the parade. Most of the cub scouts were deeply interested in the video, being less active than before.

Finally, we let the cub scouts play games such as football and dodgeball. They were very eager to play and they did not take long to start. Some of the SJI scouts and even one of the ACS(J) scout teachers joined in. Although it was tiring, everyone had a fun and enriching experience.

Overall, the Scubillion was a fruitful experience for us. But most importantly, we hoped that the Cub Scouts were able to learn more about Scouting, and also carry the values a scout should have.”


Yours in scouting,



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