Dear Scouts,

Below are the images and reflection done by Blueshark Patrol on their Project Scubilion 2018:

“Project Scubillion 2018 was all about TEACH and PREACH. On Wednesdays of the first three weeks of July, the patrol members of Blue Shark went down to Agape Little Uni @Clementi to educate the pre-school children there on the basics of Scouting.

Although the children were really hyperactive which caused long-winded plans made to teach the young ones on the history of Scouting and knot tying to quickly fall apart, we managed to work our way around it and we must say, it was an eye opener doing so.

The children were fascinated by the highwayman’s hitch knot which captivated their attention so we used that to engage them which turned out to be very successful. The Secondary 2 and even Secondary 1s would innovate games for them to play using the different knots taught to them to let them have more fun and enjoyment during these sessions. There were also children which were rather shy and quiet, too afraid to go out of their comfort zone. However, with constant encouragement they opened up to us and would engage in the lesson enthusiastically.

Overall, Scubillion this year was a tiring yet joyful experience and all of us benefited a lot from it. The children had a lot of fun and learnt many new things, which we hope they would remember some skills to use in the future.”

Yours in Scouting,


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