Dear Scouts,

Below are an article and some images, accounting and reflecting the experience of our scouts who went for the 11th National Taiwan Scout Jamboree.

“From 30 June to 6 July, 3 of our SJI Pelandok Scouts, Julian Teng, Khoo Kee Suen and Ridley Leong embarked on the Jamboree of their lifetime – the 11th National Taiwan Scout Jamboree held in Cheng Kung Ling Campsite, Taichung, Taiwan.  Despite encountering pouring rain for all 6 days of the Jamboree, the rain certainly did not dampen our spirits when we attended fun activity after fun activity during the Jamboree, especially when Julian stood proudly on stage as the Singapore flag-bearer and when Kee Suen had to accept an interview in Chinese for a local radio station.


Julian standing proudly with the flag. Kee Suen showing no signs of nervousness in front of the microphone.


Badge-trading happened on a daily basis, which was the stepping stone to forging of relationships with Scouts from other countries, as Instagram accounts, phone numbers and photographs were exchanged afterwards. We are definitely very proud of our badge collection with badges of immense size, intricate designs and appealing colour combination.


3 of us taking a wefie with Taiwanese Scouts who came to trade badges with us. We arrived in Singapore with our intricate collection of badges, woggles and scarves.

Have you ever performed in front of a crowd of more than 10,000 people?  If you have not, go for a Jamboree.  During the International Night, we received the privilege of performing a dance in front of an enthusiastic crowd of more than 12,000 strong.  It may sound nerve-wracking, but once we were on stage, we just thought of enjoying ourselves on stage.  Hearing the roaring screams of the Taiwanese Scouts when we danced, we immediately knew that 2 months of preparation and rehearsals had bore fruit.


All 3 of us having the time of our lives during International Night. The Singapore Contingent’s ending pose after dancing to the popular Chinese hit “Manual of Youth” by TF Boys.

Taiwan is one of the most environmentally-friendly places on Earth, thus it makes sense that the organisers of Jamboree included an activity to educate the Scouts on the importance of being environmentally-friendly.  In that, we went litter-picking at a beach near Taichung City.  The environment was very unpleasant. The beach was littered with numerous plastic bottles, plastic bags, household items etc, not to mention the odour of the litter.  We came across a carcass of a dead fish hidden among the trash.  It tugged on our heartstrings as innocent animals lose their lives by swimming in polluted waters.


The beach filled with plastic waste among the washed-up grass. All 3 of us smiling broadly after contributing to the good of our environment.

The fun certainly did not end after the Jamboree concluded.  We had another 2 and a half days of educational excursion in Taipei.  It was nice sleeping in comfortable hotel beds and we had a whale of a time walking in the bustling markets of Shihlin, Jiufen and Ximending and appreciating Taiwanese culture by flying a sky lantern and making Taiwanese pineapple cakes.  The biggest highlight was obviously scaling 91 levels of Taipei 101, where we were rewarded with a panoramic aerial view of Taipei City.


We are going to scale Taipei 101! We’ve made it!  At the 91st level!


We were rewarded with a bird’s eye view of Taipei City at Taipei 101’s Observation Deck.



We are about to send our well wishes up to the heavens, hoping that they will be answered. Enjoying delicious bubble tea with our friends in the Singapore Contingent.

We had so much fun in Taiwan such that when we headed back to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport on the 8th of July, the proverb “all good things come to an end” resonated soundly with us as we reluctantly boarded the aeroplane back to Singapore.  We certainly did not regret signing up for this Jamboree as it has taught us a lot of Scouting and life skills, with elements of fun weaved between it.” Article written by Ridley Leong


The Singapore Contingent posing for a group photograph at Singapore Changi Airport before boarding the plane to Taiwan.


Yours in scouting,







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