Dear scouts,

Please take note of the details pertaining to this Friday’s training. All scouts are to be present for this training.

Information For Training On 13 April 2018

Duration: 1500-1800

Attire: Full Uniform (Bring along Unit T-Shirt+ PE pants)

Duty patrol: Lion (Flagpole required)


Time Activity Venue IC
1500 – 1515 Fall in Grass patch outside stall Nikash
1515 – 1600 Admin briefing LT1 Dylan J. Wong

1600 – 1700

Year 1: Level Meeting

Year 2: Foot drills

Year 3: Level meeting

Year 1: Computer Lab

Year 2: Track

Year 3: LT1

Year 1: Nicholas/Bryce/Mr Gregory

Year 2: Julian/Dylan YX

Year 3: Dylan J/Ethan/Marcus

1700 – 1745 Patrol time Benches outside LE302 Interim ICs
1745 – 1800 Fall out Grass patch outside stall Nikash

Those involved in helping out the student council for carnival matters are as follows:

  1. Elkan
  2. Isaac
  3. Suhael
  4. Preneel
  5. Benjamin
  6. Russell
  7. Suriya
  8. Vishal
  9. Sanfo
  10. Sebastian


If you have any queries, please approach the Year 3s in your patrol.


Yours in scouting,


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