Dear scouts,

Please take note of the following details regarding Adiji event that is taking place this Saturday.

Information for Adiji Chief Scouts Event on 7 April 2018 (Saturday)

Duration: 1300-1630

Venue: Tampines Primary School

Attire: Full Uniform + SJI Scarf and Beret


The following scouts are involved in this event.

  1. Ernest Tan
  2. Abshar R.
  3. Chen Xi
  4. Christian Lee
  5. Caelan Kang
  6. Kyran Tan
  7. Jovan Chow
  8. Isaac Yap
  9. Dominic Kek
  10. Irshaad M.
  11. Daniel Yow
  12. Renesh Dharma
  13. Jonathan Liem
  14. Keith Loh
  15. Rohan V.
  16. Anthony Choong
  17. Suhael Dev
  18. Vishal T.
  19. Suriya M.
  20. Julian Teng
  21. Dylan J. Wong
  22. Ethan Young

The IC for this event will be Dylan J. Wong. You are reminded to bring along $3 for the event. Attached below is the notice form. There is no need to print and return it, just show it to your parents.

Adiji Notice Form 

Yours in scouting,


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