Dear scouts,

Please take note of the following details regarding Anniversary Parade on Friday.

Information for Anniversary Parade on 6 April 2018 (Friday)

Duration: 1515-2000


Attire: Full Uniform


Duty patrol: Leopard (Flagpole not required)


Time Activity Venue IC
1515 – 1530 Fall in Grass patch outside stall Suhael
1530 – 1730 Year 1: Scout Promise & Law

Year 2: Scout Promise & Law

Year 3: AP duties

Respective AP duty areas

  • Reception @ Foyer
  • Crowd control @ Assembly area
  • Prize presentation @ De La Salle Statue
Respective ICs
1730 – 1930 Anniversary Parade Field Interim ICs
1940 – 2000 Fall out Grass patch outside stall Suhael


For those not involved in anything during AP itself, Dylan Wong Yi Xiang will be your duty IC. Take note that Year 1s to 3s are not to leave school until fall out, even when their respective duties have ended. If any Year 3 is unable to make it for his duty, respective Year 2 reserves must replace him. If you have any queries, please approach the Year 3s in your patrol.

Yours in scouting,



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