Dear Scouts,

Here is the schedule for April – June. Please take note of the important dates and make prior arrangements to avoid absence from regular trainings and important events.


                        Scouts Schedule (April– June 2018)
No. Date Activity Remark
1 31st March(Sat) NO Scout Training
2 6th April Anniversary Parade

(3pm – 9pm)

All scouts are involved
3 7th April Adiji Chief Scout (1.30pm @Tampines Pri.) Selected scouts
4 13th April Scout Training (3pm – 6.15pm)
5 14th April (Saturday) Scout Training (8am – 1pm)
6 20th April Scout Training (3-6.15pm) SLC Briefing @LT1
7 21st April till 11th May No Scout Training Mid Year Exams
8 12th May (Saturday) Scout Training

(8am – 1pm)

Only sec 2 scouts
9 18th May Scout Training


10 25th May Scout Training


11 26th May (Saturday) Scout Training


12 1st June Scout Training


13 4th June (Monday) Scouting Leadership Lecture (8-4.30pm) Only sec 2 and sec 3 scouts
14 5th June


SLC Camp Prep Day (8-4.30pm)
15. 8th -11th June SLC Camp (sec 2 and sec 3)

Unit Training Camp (sec 1)

Both camps @ Sarimbun Campsite
Report to school on 8TH June by 8am.

Dismissal from school on 11th June at 4.30pm


If you have any queries, please approach your respective PLs.

Yours in scouting,


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