Dear scouts,

Please take note of the following details regarding this Thursday’s schedule. We will be having our photo taking session on Thursday. Therefore, everyone is required to be in their full scout uniform (with lanyard for Year 4 scouts). The Year 1 scouts who have not been invested yet, are to report in their school uniform and tie.

Duration: 1500 – 1600 hrs

All scouts are to fall in at the foyer at 1500 hours in full scout uniform.

After the photo taking session, all the scouts who are involved in the upcoming campfire preparation are required to stay a little longer to proceed on with the preparations. The scouts involved in this will be the members of Blue Shark and Dolphin patrols, Dance Team, Music Team, Acting Team and Art Team.

Duration: 1500 – 1730 hrs [Only for those involved in campfire preparation]

If you have any other queries, please approach your respective PLs. Thank you.

Yours in scouting,



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