Starting about 2 months back up till a few weeks ago,  Rhino Patrol and Panther Patrol have been making regular visits to Cherie Hearts, a preschool. Over there, we interacted with the kids and entertained them. We played games such as Simon Says, Charades and Musical Chairs with them. Originally, the kids were rather bored with us, and often interacted amongst themselves instead of listening to us. This made it rather difficult for us, as we could only get their attention by raising or voices. Furthermore, they refused to obey the rules when playing games, often cheating and making a ruckus amongst themselves. We went home feeling rather frustrated with them, as the effort we were putting in did not resonate with them.

However, a few trips later, the children started becoming more familiar with us. They recognised our names, and paid keen attention to us when we are talking. Surprisingly, they even started obeying the rules, and played the game they way it was supposed to be played. Their spoil-sport behavior vanished.

From this, we all learnt that patience is key. We were very close to giving up at the start, but we decided to be patient with them, and hopefully they would change. And they did.Overall, it was a great way to learn more about these children and interact with other age groups. It allowed us to break away from the usual studying for academic excellence and strive for all rounded and holistic education.



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