LSC Packing List

Dear scouts,

Here is the packing list for the upcoming Lasallian Scout Camp. Do note that this camp is compulsory for all Secondary 1 and selected Secondary 3 Scouts.

Category Item Quantity
Cub Scout Uniform 1 Set
School PE Attire 4 sets
Dark Clothing 1 set
Home clothes 3 sets
Underwear 4 sets
Warmwear – Jacket/Sweater Optional
Socks 4 Pairs
Track Shoes 2 Pairs
Slippers/Sandals 1 Pair
Bath Towel 1
Toiletries Sufficient
Mosquito Repellent 1
Sleeping Bag 1
Water Bottle 1
Cutlery – Fork, Spoon, Cup 1 set
Writing Materials Sufficient
Thermometer 1
Personal Medication If Required
Poncho 1


Yours in scouting,

Wei Jin

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