Dear Scouts,

We will be holding our Jobweek Camp this year on the 10th to 13th of March. This information was disseminated to most of you since December so you are expected to attend.

Information On Jobweek Camp 2017

Dates: 10-13th March (The camp is an overnight camp at SJI)

Reporting Time: 12pm on 10th March @SJI

Attire: (Sec 2-4) Half Uniform (SJI Scarf, PE Shirt, Sports Shoes)
(Sec 1) PE Kit (Sports Shoes)

Dismisal Time: 5pm on 13th March @SJI

Jobweek Camp is not optional and compulsory for all. For Secondary 1 Catholic Scouts attending the Catholic Camp on the 11th of March are still required to come down for the first day of Jobweek Camp on the 10th of March and will leave only the next day. After the catholic retreat, you are required to re-join the Jobweek Camp.

Additionally, all Catholic Scouts will attend Mass at 5pm on the 11th of March.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to Whatsapp/SMS me.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

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