Dear Scouts,

Although it is CCA Orientation this Friday, there will still be scouts training. Those involved in CCA Orientation will be helping out during training while the rest are to clean the rest of the store. Just a reminder the remove all past event badges, this includes the million good deeds and SLC badge. For those who have gotten new progress badges, they are to be sewn on by the next uniform training.

Information on 20th January 2017 (Friday)

Duration: 1445-1800

Duty Patrol: Leopard (Flagpole not required)

Attire: PT Kit, Those involved in Campfire and Orientation are to bring Full Uniform (SJI Scarf)

Time Activity Venue IC
1445 General Fall In Grass Patch (next to LE302) Adrian Guzman
1500-1800 Sec 2-4 – Setting up of scouts den/store
*Those involved in orientation/campfire will be doing their respective duties
Grass Patch/ISH Sec 2-4 – QMs
1800 Fall Out Grass Patch (next to LE302) Adrian Guzman
1800-1830 Sec 4 – Meeting with Mr Gwee LE302 Adrian Guzman

If you have any further questions please contact your PL to clarify.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

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