Dear Scouts,

The following information is crucial especially for those directly involved in the CCA Orientation.

For the Secondary 3s it is compulsory for you to make the 3 day quota for the construction of the orientation structure unless otherwise excused. The rest of the construction days are optional once you finish your 3 days. This structure is part of your First Class Progress Badge component, hence it is compulsory you attend at least 3 days of the construction. In addition the first two days of construction are compulsory for all Secondary 3s which will add to meeting your quota.

Venue: Grass Patch (Next to the old squash courts/log storage area)

Dates & Timings:

  1. 11 January (3pm – 6pm) COMPULSORY
  2. 14 January (8am – 3pm) COMPULSORY
  3. 16 January (3pm – 6pm)
  4. 17 January (3pm – 6pm)
  5. 18 January (3pm – 6pm)


These are the Secondary 2s that have volunteered as tour guides on the day of CCA orientation itself:

  1. Anthony Choong
  2. Elkan Chan
  3. Julian Teng
  4. Isaac Surrendran
  5. Dylan Joel Wong
  6. Nicholas Yee
  7. Suriya
  8. Murali

Go to this link for a more comprehensive breakdown of the various dates of construction:

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


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