Dear Scouts,

Attached below are the reflections and photographs taken by the group who recently when for their cycling expedition namely, Ashford Goh, Lokesh, Koh Boon Kiat, Evan Lee CY, Chi-e, Marcus Yong, Samuel Tan, Matthew Koh, Ezekiel Lim.


It costs $16 to rent the bicycles, but the great camaraderie that we had amongst the team could never be priced.

The trail’s distinct character-filled environment is definitely one of the more scenic park connectors in Singapore. We were blessed with the opportunity to get close in touch the flora and fauna of the park. As some of us had not ridden a bicycle in quite sometime, it was thrilling to be able to experience the déjà vu moment of riding a bike again.

Despite the fact that we all hailed from different patrols, cycling together to conquer the distance made us really feel like we were in one combined patrol. Looking out for one another we made our way from one checkpoint to another and finally completing the expedition. The sense of achievement upon completing the expedition was such a rewarding and invaluable experience for all of us.

The expedition, taking place in The North Eastern Riverine Loop, is definitely an experience all of us will remember. ”


Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

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