Dear Scouts,

Attached below are the images and reflection done by Dolphin Patrol on their Project Scubilion:

“For our patrol’s scubillion, we decided to help to raise awareness for people with muscular dystrophy. The scubilion was held over a duration of two days. The first day involved packing apples into small plastic bags, to be distributed at the CBD and Jurong the next day. Simply by packing the apples not only made us realise the difficulties these people may have faced just by doing the simplest things; let alone be packing apples. On the second day; we split into two groups- one headed to Jurong and the other to the CBD. At the CBD, the group was tasked to distribute the apples (for free) to the office workers around the vicinity. In the beginning, people were skeptical if they were free and some shunned us. However, it was heart warming to see some people coming up to us with notes asking how much did an apple cost. Each of us were assigned people affected with muscular dystrophy, some of which were children, and although socializing with them may have been awkward in the beginning, they showed no frustration and were very kind to the people around them. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience, and certainly bonded our patrol more than previously.”


Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee


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