Dear Scouts,

Attached below is the patrol reflection for Stingray patrol on their project Scubilion:

We were actually anxious at first as we were actually teaching stuffs to scouts of another unit. We feared if they would listen or respect us like their scout teachers. We all had zero experience as teachers ourselves so we didn’t know what to anticipate. From scubilion we learnt and realised why the teachers are always shouting at us in primary school. The primary school students tend to get carried away easily, so the teacher has to be serious and strict with them most of the time. We also learnt the difficulty of teaching an entire unit of scouts all by ourselves. It takes one mischievous student and the screams and shouts spread from one student to another. Sometimes yelling is literally the only way to get their attention. This project taught us patience and self-control. Now we all understand how much our primary school teachers had to go through to control us.


Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

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