Dear Scouts,

Since MYEs have ended training will resume this Friday, do remember to bring your PLTC forms and hand them up if you have yet to. Sec 1s do not need to attend as they will be at interclass games.

Information on 13th May (Friday)

Duration 1445-1800/1915

Attire: PE

Time Activity Venue IC
1445 General Fall-In – All Scouts Grass Patch Sanskar Gupta
1500-1530 Briefing Computer Lab 2 Mr Andrew
1530-1700 Dance practice -Sec 3s
Advance hike and pioneering prep -Sec 2s

Computer Lab 2

Sec 3s – Zhong Qing & Nicoli

Sec 2s – Ryan Pary & Matthew Chang

1715-1800 Scubilion Planning Respective venues Respective Interim PLs
1800 General Fall-out Grass Patch Sanskar Gupta
1830-1915 Sec 3 Meeting LE401 Sanskar Gupta

Do be punctual for training.

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

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