Temporary Positions

Dear Scouts,

Hey guys following the stepping-down of the secondary 4s. Each patrol will have a temporary interim PL’s. As of now there will be no interim SPLs and QMs only interim sec 1 and sec 2 ICs and interim PL’s. There will be two temporary leaders per patrol with the exception of Lion patrol.

The interim PLs by patrol are:

Black Bear: Joon Fai, Scott Ang

Blue Shark: Jon Lee, Ryan Loh

Lion: Neo Min Wei

Panther: Dominic Lim, Samuel Chan

Swordfish: Andrew Chua, Ashley Wong

Leopard: Adrian Guzman, Joel Poh

Dolphin: Justin Chak, Zhong Qing

Rhino: Joshua Goh. Ernest Chow

Stingray: Louis Teo, Aurik Salim

Flying Fish: Aaron J, Ryan Pary

Seahorse: Christopher Jonathan, Nicoli Negapatan

Tiger: Kay Gene, Matthew Chang

Sec 1 interim ICs: Moses Tan V, Matthew Chang

Sec 2 interim ICs: Adrian Guzman, Ryan Pary

Do remember these positions are temporary and will take effect starting from this Friday. 

Yours In Scouting,

Darren Wee

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