Dear Scouts,


This Friday is SJI’s 164th annual parade and due to the different roles each of us have, the reporting times differ so do take time to read the schedule. Please report in Full Scout Uniform with SJI Scarf


Do take note of the following details and please report for training punctually.


Information on 8th April 2016 (Friday)


Duty Patrol: Dolphin (flagpole not required)



1530-2100 ( AP Marching Contingent, Prize Presenters & Flag Raisers)

1600-2100 (ALL other Scouts)



Full Scout Uniform With SJI Scarf


Time Activity Venue IC
1530 General Fall-In – AP Marching Contingent, Prize Presenters & Flag Raisers Grass Patch Justin Chin
1600 Fall in – All Scouts Field & Grasspatch Nathanael Beh
1630 AP Preperation – Emcees, Field Markers & Crowd Control Respective Posts Respective Post ICs
1700-2100 AP Field Nathanael Beh
2100 General Fall-out Grass Patch Nathanael Beh


Do note that this Friday’s annual parade will have differing reporting times, so do once again look at the schedule and remember what time to report.


This Friday will be very exciting, so I hope to see you all present!


Yours in scouting,


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