Stepping-Down Cermony

Dear Scouts,

Yesterday we witnessed the stepping down of our fellow sec 4’s. It will be a night to remember our seniors who have led the unit over the past year and the half, as well as teaching us the basics of scouting. We will always remember the sec 4’s and cheer them on as they study for their ‘O’ level examinations.

From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of the entire unit. I would like to sincerely thank the sec 4’s for leading the unit as well as organizing a plethora of activities that really made us have a truly Pelandok spirit. The rest of the unit will work hard in upholding the scouting legacy that you all have left us. So, once again, thank you all for all that you have done for the unit and us. Attached below are some photos of the Stepping-Down ceremony.

Yours in Scouting,



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