Information on Training 24th March 2016 (Thursday)

Dear Scouts,

Since this coming Friday is Good Friday, we will still being having our usual Scouts training on Thursday but for a shorter duration. Do take note this week’s training only involves the Sec 1s & 4s.

Do take note of the following details and be down for training punctually.

Information on 24th March 2016 (Thursday)

Duty Patrol: Tiger (flagpole not required)

Duration: 1515-1645

Attire: PT Kit

Time Activity Venue IC
1515 General Fall-In Grass Patch Samuel Tay
1530 Secondary 1s- World Scout Badge Component


Secondary 4s-PLC

Classroom Secondary 1s-Respective Sec 3s


Secondary 4s-Wayne

1645 General Fall-Out Grass Patch Samuel Tay

Thank you & See you then!

Yours in scouting,

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