Information on Secondary 1 Investiture 1st April 2016 (Friday) & 164th Anniversary Parade 8th April 2016 (Friday)

Dear Scouts,

A big thank you to all of you for your efforts for our recent Job Week Camp. Just a few important updates regarding the Secondary 1 Investiture and the upcoming Anniversary Parade. 

Firstly, for the Secondary 1s, here’s the softcopy of the notice form for your parents in regards to your Investiture on 1st April. Do get it read and signed by your parents.

Sec 1 Scout Investiture Notice Form 2016


Also, the training dates for Anniversary Parade have been finalised. Here are the dates:

Training Dates for AP 2016:

Date Time Venue IC
21st March (Monday) 1500-1630 Grass Patch Wayne
23rd March (Wednesday)* 1530-1830
24th March (Thursday)** tbc
30th March (Wednesday) 1500-1630
4th April (Monday)* 1530-1830
8th April (Friday)

(164th Anniversary Parade)


* AP Training (Rehearsal with ALL Uniformed Groups)

** During Normal Scouts Training

The list of roles for the Anniversary Parade that you have volunteered for has also been compiled under this document. ALL Secondary 4s will be part of the Marching Contingent. Please take note of your respective duties on that day. If you do not have a role for that day, you will still be required to stay for the whole duration of AP as a spectator.

164th Anniversary Parade Roles

Do have a restful holiday! See you soon! 🙂 Thank you.

Yours in scouting,




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