Information on Training 26th February 2016 (Friday)

Dear Scouts,

Happy World Scouts Day!

This coming Friday, our Unit will be commemorating World Scouts Day. Hence, please note that everyone is to report at 0700 at the Amphitheatre, in our Full Scout Uniform. After morning assembly, you will be in the following attire for the rest of the day:

0700-0900 Full Scout Uniform

0900-1345 Half-U (PLTC 2015 Grey Shirt + Scout Pants) 

(If you don’t have PLTC Grey Shirt, wear PE Shirt)

1345-1430 Full Scout Uniform (For Photo-Taking) 

1430-1730 PE Attire (Secondary 2s remain in Half-U) 

*Do take note that the attire for Secondary 1s will be School Uniform (as you are not invested yet). Also, Secondary 1s will have to join in for the assembly, just that you will be in your School Uniform. 

Also, the Secondary 1s will be away for their very first camp-Tenderfoot. We will also be having our Unit Photo-Taking. Hence, please be reminded that the attire will be Full Scout Uniform for everyone. We will gather at the Amphitheatre at 1345 sharp. Unfortunately, if you are unable to report in the proper attire or report late, you will not be allowed to be part of the picture. Thus, we would like to stress the importance of being punctual for training as well as having proper attire.

In addition, you should have received our new Area Badge from your respective Patrol Leaders. As said by Mr Andrew, please get it sewn on your uniform (replace the Clementi District Badge) by this Friday.

Information on Training 26th February 2016 (Friday)

Duty Patrol:-

Attire: Full Scout Uniform & PT Kit

Duration: 1345-1730

Time Activity Venue IC
1345 General Fall-In Amphitheatre Wayne
1400 Unit Photo-Taking
1430 Secondary 1s- Tenderfoot Camp


Secondary 2s- Health Trooper Course


Secondary 3s & 4s- Foot Drills


Sarimbun Campsite/Health Promotion Board/Grass Patch

Secondary 1s- Wayne


Secondary 2s- Samuel Tay


Secondary 3s & 4s-Daryl Tang & Eroy Chia

1630 PT Field Marcus Liow
1730 General Fall-Out Grass Patch Daryl Tang

Thank you.

Yours in scouting,


2 thoughts on “Information on Training 26th February 2016 (Friday)”

    1. Yup, as long as you are not invested yet, only can wear school uniform. School U for Morning Assembly too.


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