Information on Training 6th November 2015 (Friday)

Dear Scouts,

As the year comes to an end, this will be one of our last trainings.

Information on Training 6th November 2015 (Friday)

Duty Patrol: Swordfish (flagpole not required)

Attire: PT Kit

Duration: 1330-1830

Time Activity Venue IC
1330 General Fall-In Grass Patch Gabriel Lim
1400 Secondary 1s- Foot Drills & PT

Secondary 2s- Flag Raising, First Aid, Pioneering Test* & Foot Drills

Secondary 3s- Foot Drills

Grass Patch/Pull-Up Bar Area/Classroom Secondary 1s-Samuel Tay & Justin Chin

Secondary 2s-Gabriel Lim, Daryl Tang & Eroy Chia

Secondary3s-Zaki & Mark Ngui

1830 General Fall-Out Grass Patch Gabriel Lim

*Do note that only those who have not passed the tests will have to re-take it. If you are taking your First Aid test, please bring along your scarfs. For the Secondary 2s who have passed every component, you will then be having Foot Drills practice.

Also, if you were one of the photo journalists at the Purple Parade held on 31st October, please send your articles to Justin.

Do make an effort to be early for training. See you then! Thank you.

Yours in scouting,


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