Purple Parade (Project Scubillion’15) 31st October 2015 (Saturday)

Dear Scouts,

This post goes out to all who are taking part in the Purple Parade on 31st October (Saturday). Attached is the information on what you will need to do on Saturday at the Purple Parade. I have also added an updated name list, which is attached separately. Please refer to the updated name list titled, “(Updated) Purple Parade Namelist (31st October 2015)”.  The name list in the other document “Brief for Student Journalists-SJI” is the outdated name list so just take a look at the instructions of your roles on that day. More information can be found from the last document.

Also, please take note that the reporting time for the event has been changed from 0700 to 1215. The timing in my previous post will be adjusted accordingly to avoid confusion.

Yours in scouting,


(Updated) Purple Parade Namelist (31st October 2015)

Infodeck – The Purple Parade Student Journalists

Brief for Student Journalists – SJI

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