All the Best 

Dear Scouts,

Hope everyone is doing well and have enjoyed your holidays. Here’s a message from our dear Troop Leader:

Hi Scouts,

 As our exams are approaching, I hope you all are doing well with your End-of-Year revisions. Here’s a quote that may spur you on in the last few days of your revision. “Do it once, do it right and get it over with!”. Give this exam your all and in the end the important thing is that you are accountable to yourself for the score you attain. 

Nonetheless, grades are not all that matters, take every tests and exam as a learning opportunity. After all, failure is the mother of success. But most importantly, try not to tire yourself out too much before the exam starts, as the Scouts motto suggests, preparation is key. Lastly, plan your time well and try to stay focused as much as possible. Good luck with your preparations and may we all maintain our cool during the exam. 

Yours in scouting,

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