Information on Training 14th & 15th August 2015 (Friday & Saturday)

Dear Scouts,

Information on Training 14th August 2015 (Friday)

Duty Patrol: Tiger (flagpole not required)

Attire: PT Kit

Duration: 1500-1900

Time Activity Venue IC
1500 General Fall-In Grass Patch Samuel Tay
1530   Knots  Pull-Up Bar Area Secondary 1s-Justin Chin & Samuel Tay

Secondary 2s & 3s-Daryl Tang & Eroy Chia

1900 General Fall-Out Grass Patch Samuel Tay

Do take note that this week’s training will end later at 7 as there is quite a number of knots you need to learn.

Everyone apart from the participants of our district games (Football & Basketball) are to be present on Saturday’s Training as well.

Information on Training 15th August 2015 (Saturday)

Attire: PT Kit

Duration: 0830-1300

Time Activity Venue IC
0830 General Fall-In Grass Patch Daryl Tang
0900 Knots Test Pull-Up Bar Area Ventures & Level ICs
1000 Pioneering Grass Patch
1300 General Fall-Out Daryl Tang

These are your groupings for the Pioneering Session on Saturday. You will be joining your groups on Friday to prepare your design for the structure you are to be building the next day. Thank you.

Secondary 2 Groupings:

Group 1: Matthew Chang, Scott, Kay Gene, Han Wei, Ryan Loh, Darren Wee, Damien Kim & Joel Poh

Group 2: Jon Lee, Min Wei, Murvin, Joshua Goh, Andrew Chua, Mickel, Aurik & Josh Ethan Gabriel

Group 3: Nicoli, Ashley, Samuel Chan, Elgean, Justin Chak, Ryan Parry, Jason Leong & Adrian Guzman

Group 4: Joel Hay, Moses Tan, Dominic Lim, Nathanael Beh, Louis Teo, Christopher Johnathan, Zhong Qin & Aaron Johansson

Yours in scouting,


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