To all my beloved scouts,

The time has come for me to bade my farewell. Looking back at my four years in scouts, it has definitely been a very fruitful journey and a very enriching experience for myself. I am writing this post today not only to share advice to the respective levels, but also as a big thank you to each and every of you who are puzzle pieces that fill up my scouting journey.

To the secondary ones:
After being in the scout until for more than 6 months, you are definitely no longer new to the scout unit. I would like to thank each and every one of you for choosing to join the Pelandok Scouts. Scouting in Pelandok is very different from other scout troops and I really hope that you would be grateful for that. We are a family, a community, a welcoming place to be in and something that you should look forward to every Friday. I hope that you all would be able to grow as fast as possible and to learn as much as possible before next year, as the new secondary one scouts will take their place in the scout unit. It is then, your role to be a big brother to them, sharing your experiences when you were a secondary one scout for them to hear. Ultimately, from the time since you joined the scout unit to today, I am very proud and amazed at the amount of dedication you all put into scouts.

To the secondary twos:
You all are the future leaders of the troop. A word of caution to you all – be prepared. Before you know it, you will be in the heat of PLTC once more – but the difference is that you are the ones leading your patrols. However, it is important for you to remember that you should never forsake your friendship and relationships forged between the two years in pursuit for your desired leadership post. I see potential in each and every one of you, in different aspects, and I really hope that each and every of you will be able to harness each another’s strengths to work hand in hand to achieve the best for the unit. I wish each and every of you the best in your future.

To the secondary threes:
How should I start with this.. Let’s just say that it didn’t start off very well and there were many negative feelings felt towards your batch. However, it was through your hard work, and PLTC that proved to us that you are more than what they claim you are. You are leaders, you are the decision makers of the future of the Pelandok Scout Group. You’ve stepped up and I can say that I am proud of each and every one of you. To those that have achieved the post that you aimed to achieved, I would like to thank this time to congratulate you. To those that haven’t, do not lose hope. Posts are merely a responsibility you uphold but it is your heart that decides who you truly are – are you able to pick yourself up, carry on and serve the unit to the best of your ability? I do not know, only your heart has the answer. I would like to remind each and every of you to remember that you should never be blinded by the title you hold and treat each another with dignity and respect. You all, after all, are a batch and you should never lose the brotherhood you cherish with one another. You all are capable of achieving anything and even the impossible. Continue to work hard and do the unit well.

To the secondary fours:
Thank you for your service to the unit. The year of leadership definitely did not go that smoothly, but thank goodness we made it. I would like to thank each and every of you for putting in your personal best into the scout unit and serving it to the best of your abilities. I would definitely miss you all and may God bless you all. Gabriel, I would definitely miss you for your constant shouting and hollering, especially when I make the most absurd of plans and decisions. I would also miss you for the times we spent scrambling to submit our application for the Chief Commissioner’s Award. Ryan, I would definitely miss you for being the typhoon in the unit, destroying almost and anything you can get your hands on. Thank goodness the store is alive. By the way “Why does our batch have 4 Quarter Masters?” A: “Because you need 4 Quarters to make 1 Master HAHAHA. Juan, probably the coolest and nicest SPL around ever. I do not think I will ever be able to find someone as benevolent, kind and hilarious as you in the future. Jerome, I will miss having the opportunity poking fun at your “74% CCA attendance” in 2014 and you have really done a good job in coordinating the Anniversary Parade practices. Zi Jie, you are the nicest and friendliest scholar in the entire world and we are really glad to have you in our family. Gokul, you are the best programme manager have played a huge role in the organising of our campfire. Kudos to you! Bryan, stop sleeping. Mark, thank you for not setting the store on fire with who knows what dangerous stuff you have at home. Chen Ang, Anzelle, Joseph and Kevin, best smash buddies ever. Rainier, nicest PL in the planet and the most caring as well! Nathanael,for being the derpiest yet cool person that has lots of crazy ideas. Michael and Tow, for leading #APLuprising. Justin, for being the version two of you know who. Andrew, for your awesome violin skills. Ian, Isaac and Santhosh, you guys are musical prodigies. Dylan, for always stopping and posing for the camera. You all have really made this journey amazing. I really hope to see all of you in ventures next year.

We aren’t just a CCA. We aren’t just a scout troop. We are a legacy. We are Pelandok.

Yours in scouting,
Kai Ming

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