AP TRAINING 22 June 2015

Hi Scouts, there is training for ALL AP participants this Monday, 22 June.


TIME: 9.30am – 12pm

Fall in at Grass Patch. If you are unable to make it please email to Mr Andrew by Saturday morning if not it will be assumed that you are attending.
Here is the list of participants attending in case you are not sure.
Sec 1: Boon kiat

          Gabriel tan
         Liew Wei Jie
Sec 2: Sanskar
            Nathaniel Beh
            Joon fai
           Zhong Qing
           Scott ang
Sec 3: Wayne
            Gab j lim
            Marcus liow
            Jian Han Tan
            Aaron Tay
            Mark Ngui
          Andrew Snodgrass
            Christopher Thian
            Ng Sheng Yuan
            Justin Chin
            Gabriel Soh
            Daryl Tang (Reserve)
Sec 4:  Juan
Yours in Scouting,

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