Information on training, 15 May 2015 (Friday)

Attire: PT Kit
Duty Patrol: Swordfish
Training Duration: 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Dear scouts,
Do take note that there will be training this Friday. This training only affects all Secondary 1s, Secondary 2s, Secondary 3s and Secondary 4 (IP track) scouts. For the Secondary 4 (O level track students), do take this time to study hard for your MTL O’ Levels paper.

Time Activity IC Location
1430 General Fall In PL Grass Patch
1445 – 1800 Sec 1s – World Scout Badge Test
Sec 2s – Store Cleaning

Sec 3s – Singapore Kindness Movement course
Sec 4(IP) – Store Cleaning

World scout badge test: Zaki, Jerome Tan, Kai Ming
Store Cleaning: Mark Wee
Singapore Kindness Movement: Mr Andrew
World scout badge test: tbc
Store Cleaning: QM Store
Singapore Kindness Movement: to be confirmed
1800 General Fall-out PL Grass Patch

Yours in scouting,
Kai Ming

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